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A ParkerStore is a complete hose & fittings inventory thatís near where you work. Itís not just any inventory,
itís a BIG INVENTORY. We pride  ourselves on having what you want, when you want it.

We stock:
  • Metrics (we understand them)
  • All major tube & thread configurations
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic hose and fittings for almost every application

  • Thermoplastic hose & fittings

  • Brass fittings and ball valves

  • Quick disconnect couplings

  • Over 3,000 different items

Itís not just enough to have the largest, highest quality inventory in the business. We also want you to have access to it 24 hours a day!! When your line goes down at 2 a.m., give us a call. Weíll get out of bed to get you back in business.

Products and services are great, but it is the person who carries out the tasks that can make the difference. Our ParkerStore Managers are factory-trained personnel who can speak your language. They wonít just replace a hose, they will ask you the necessary questions to try and fix
the problem that caused your original hose to fail!! They have been in your shoes, and have serviced many customers in dire need of an immediate answer. You can rely on them to give it 100%.

As you can see, we genuinely care about our customers. We have listened to what you want and need as a consumer, and have tried our best to provide it. If you have any comments, or would like to see more products or services added to a ParkerStore, please let us know. We would appreciate hearing from you. That is how we have gotten where we are today.


Revised: April 10, 2015.                                          
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Parker Products ParkerStores Parker Catalogs INDUSTRIAL CATALOGS Global Industrial Feedback